It’s been a while since I have posted. I do apologise. I have been busy. Many things have happened and many new people have been met and dated. One story stays in my mind to share. I thought I had shunned and closed the book on Beanie a while back.

For him to reappear, he had wanted to know what I thought of him, as to why i didn’t want to. I thought of how there was no connection, and it was the most unconnected feeling I’ve experienced. I don’t mean unpleasant, but just nothing. In conversation, he was not sparking me to want to ask more about him, or want to amuse or entertain further. I had said he was attractive, but behind that, there was nothing of interest. He was impolite the last time and I will always make time for polite people and genuine considerate people. But even physically there was nothing there. I didn’t want to find myself in that awkward situation again. For him he loved it. He wanted to know what I thought… and I’m not one to lie..

Vanilla was the word that could only spring to mind and sum up the feeling.

It was just not happening for me. And I didn’t know what else I could say or contribute. Only for him not to be angry or insulted, he actually wanted to know more and ask how else he could be better…. ! I was helpless. He was probably moving worlds for others, some people like vanilla…

Colleagues were amused by my predicament. What could I say without hurting his feelings? They had pointed out if a guy is to ask that, then he would have to be open to whatever replies could be returned.

It was as if I was dumping him or something because of the way he is. I felt awful.

I hope wherever Beanie is, he has met someone who loves this traditional and favourite of millions. I just can’t help it if I am intrigued by varieties on offer, types, extra toppings, scoops, cones, tubs, old favourites, Heston creations.. but just not something that I expect…

There’s something for everyone. So go out and have fun