Whether you are a parent of four, happily married, newly dating, seeking love, hello and thank you for reading my blog.

Friends all around me are getting hitched, giving birth to sprogs left right and centre and people are coupled up or breaking up. Everyone is seeking for their one and asking at the same time, why can’t I find someone? I ask them this – what would you be doing if you were with them? I say now is the time to do as much as you can, that you may find yourself losing out on later down the line, when you have the time now. With so many experiences to be had, sights to explore and people to meet, this London professional single is simply not in a rush or feeling the need to be someone else’s. I hear no biological clock ticking. I’m proud to be a cool mentor for my nephew to look up to, setting the example that happiness has be from yourself, and that manners, common sense and respect for others is what should be valued and expressed, not reality television and false expectation.

As people, we create society’s norm for all to try and “fit in” with the norm. When on a date, ambition and a passion for life drives interesting conversation. Not whether you have a flashy car or what overpowering perfume you induced the whole restaurant on the way in. Have you noticed how people slowly gather around those who have something worth bringing up at  an event or have people who will be willing to help them for nothing in return. Optimism generates that welcome vibe to others for hope. If someone is doing well and is happy, we can’t help but want to surround them and hope something rubs off into our own lives. So be positive. Be happy. More than anything – life life with no regrets. Soon you will have people wanting to talk to you, and honest communication with interest leads to a possibly a dinner and date..

I tend to blog in small parts. Not to overwrite, to keep topics light and hopefully entertain you as how colleagues and family have been amused all these years.

I will do my best to reply to comments. All names have been made unidentifiable. Any similarities are coincidental. The rest is my life.

3 thoughts on “bio

    • Hello Ned’sBlog, thank you for your comment. Happy to have people leave feedback. I am still testing to see how long or short posts should be to retain interest, yet at the same time give enough insight to know be absorbed. Much appreciated. SITC xx

      • You’re welcome, and I wouldn’t worry too much about how long or short. As long as what you say — and how you say it — is interesting, people will read it. The Twilight series is the obvious exception to this rule 😉

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